Frequently Asked Questions


This is perfect for the golfer that is looking to get better at reading greens.  

Q. “What Is the aimpoint green reading school?”

A. AimPoint is a method of reading the break on a putt as you play. The three-step system is designed to help you read every putt accurately, and consistently.

Q. “Why should I learn aimpoint?”

A. By understanding the basic physics of putting, and how speed has an effect on your putts, you will feel more comfortable and be in a better position to make putts and score better. AimPoint takes the slope percentage and the speed of the green into consideration in order to give you a precise reading of your putt.

Q. “How does aimpoint improve my green reading?”

A. AimPoint estimates the amount of slope in your putt by using your feet to feel the slope, and then considers that feeling against a scale. That slope number is then applied to the length of the putt to give the player a start line. It’s that simple!

Q. “Has anyone on the pga or lpga tour ever used aimpoint?”

A. Yes - five number one world players have used AimPoint. They have won numerous titles while using AimPoint, and have credited AimPoint for much of their putting success. AimPoint is also credited with having over 65 Professional Tour wins, and is used by over 200 Tour Pros worldwide. Winners of college and junior titles have also used AimPoint.

Q. “Have I seen aimpoint on tv before?”

A. Yes you might have. The Golf Channel used AimPoint’s proven, independently-verified physics model and software to accurately predict the break of putts on live television.

Q. “When is aimpoint green reading school?”

A. Saturday, June 29th, 2019 at Lookout Point Country Club

First session: 10:00am - 12:00pm (min 4 / max 10)

Second session: 1:00pm - 3:00pm (min 4 / max 10)

Q. “Is this for members only?”

A. No, this school is open to everyone!

Q. “what is the cost?”

$200 + HST. This includes the sessions, corresponding notes, and access to a private Facebook group.