Men’s golf at Lookout Point is a unique experience that immerses members in tradition and camaraderie on a course that provides a challenge to players of all skill levels.

As a member of Lookout Point, you are teeing off the same deck as some of the greatest players of all time. Whether you’re a new player or an experienced golfer, Lookout Point can accommodate your needs and help you develop your game and reach your goals.
Along with access to our renowned course and facilities, our exclusive member events provide opportunities for friendly competition, new cuisine, and entertainment. We host a calendar of events throughout the year, some of which include Men’s and Senior Men’s Singles and Doubles Match play, Men’s Member Member, Men’s Member Guest, and the Club Championships. We also have an exciting member-only Men’s Night that runs every Thursday and consists of over 150 players.
Members can take full advantage of the community created at Lookout Point and benefit from the themed gatherings, live music, and sponsored tournaments. Enjoy a member-oriented course that is consistently well maintained, includes excellent tee sheet accessibility, and takes pride in its ability to provide an enjoyable environment for all of its members.