(Revised 2015)


  1. The Dress Code term “smart casual” should be considered as a minimum standard of dress at the Club at all times. The Dress Code will apply equally to all members and guests regardless of age.

  2. Footwear is required at all times in the Clubhouse. Sport sandals such as flip flops or Crocs are not permitted in the Dining Room. Dress sandals for both men and women are permitted in the outdoor service areas of the Clubhouse as well the 19th Hole and Dining Room.

  3. Appropriate denim apparel is permitted in the Dining Room, Patio, and the 19th Hole. Cut off jeans, jeans that are torn, ripped, frayed or patched are NOT permitted anywhere on the property. Denim wear of any colour is not permitted at any time on the Golf Course or the Practice Range.

  4. See-through shirts, midriff-baring shirts, tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, logo t-shirts (not adhering to the 4-inch rule), jogging/rugby pants, spandex wear, short shorts, tights, yoga pants, or short skirts are not acceptable on the property (including the Practice Range) or in the Clubhouse. Non-LPCC logos are permissible if the logo is smaller than 4” x 4”.

  5. Wearing pants or shorts noticeably below waist height is not acceptable.

  6. Golf hats, caps, or visors are permitted in the Golf Shop, Patio, 19th Hole and on the Golf Course. All head wear is to be worn as it is intended (bill forward).

The Club realizes that members use the Club in certain areas while they are in transition. Members are permitted to enter and exit the Club (Clubhouse entrance to locker rooms only) in street attire. Changing from street attire to acceptable Club standard is NOT permitted in the parking lot.

Finally, the Club makes every effort to ensure that all clothing sold in the Golf Shop complies with the Dress Code as amended from time to time. All Management and Staff will make every effort to advise the member or guest when they are in violation of the Dress Code. However, the responsibility for compliance is ultimately the responsibility of the member and not any LPCC Staff or Management.

* Please remember, that all Members are responsible for guests’ attire.

Golfers Dress Code

  1. Tailored shorts for men and shorts, skirts, skorts, or golf dresses for women are to be of conservative in length for golf apparel.

  2. Pants/Shorts with draw strings and cargo style shorts/pants are not permissible.

  3. No denim apparel of any colour is allowed on the Golf Course or Practice Range at any time.

  4. Metal spiked golf shoes are not permitted anywhere on the Club’s property.

  5. Clothing with non-LPCC logos are permissible, if the logo is smaller than 4” x 4”.  

  6. Caps and visors may not be worn backwards at any time.

  7. When wearing shorts, socks or sockettes are required with all footwear on the Golf Course except golf sandals, which do not require socks.

Ladies and Girls

  1. Sleeveless golf shirts / blouses must have a collar and collarless shirts/blouses must have sleeves.

  2. Shirts must be tucked in unless they have been specifically tailored to be worn otherwise.

  3. Capri pants and wind suits are acceptable attire.

  4. Women’s designer golf apparel is allowed.

Gentlemen and Boys

  1. Collared golf shirts, turtlenecks, or mock neck shirts with a collar of at least 1½” are acceptable and must be tucked in at all times.

  2. Wind suits are acceptable attire.

Mobile Device Policy

  1. All mobile and cellular devices are to be switched to silent or vibrate mode while on Club property.

  2. Members are expected to use common courtesy when using mobile and cellular devices on the course and in the Clubhouse for email or texting purposes.

  3. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the use of these devices interfere with the pace of play, the play of other members or the enjoyment of other members and guests.

  4. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is the use of a mobile phone or other electronic device with a camera for any reason permitted in the Locker Rooms.

* Please remember, that all Members are responsible for guests’ attire.