Frequently Asked Questions


These are perfect for those looking for a personalized approach to improving their golf game.  

Q. “What are Private Lessons?”

A. Private lessons are 1-on-1 sessions with your coach. You begin with an introduction and analysis of where you currently are in your golf game, identify goals, and then create a personalized lesson plan for the sessions to come.

Q. “What is the difference between Private & Semi-Private?”

A. Private lessons are 1-on-1, Semi-Private lessons are a 2-to-1 ratio. These are the perfect opportunity for focused coaching in a relaxed learning environment with a friend, parent, child, spouse, or doubles partner.

Q. “I’m just a beginner, are private lessons for me?”

A. Yes! Private lessons are for anyone that is looking to improve their game, regardless of skill level.

Q. “Is this for members only?”

A. No, lessons are open to everyone!

Q. “I have a pretty busy schedule, will private lessons work for me?”

A. Yes - we understand that life can get busy. Our coaches operate on a flexible schedule and will be as accommodating as they can be. If you have any concerns, let us know.

Q. “Is this just swing technique? What if I need help in other areas of my game"?”

A. Private lessons focus on what you want to focus on - or you can leave it up to the instructor. The lesson plans are customized to each student’s needs.

Q. “how can private lessons help my game?”

A. Most golfers are interested in shooting a better score, others would just like to have fun, either way, struggling on the course can be an unpleasant experience. Through years of experience and the industries leading technology your game will improve.

Q. “what sort of technology do you use?”

A. We use:

- Personal video analysis, including access to a personal swing database

- Titleist Performance Institute Training and Physical Assessments

- Flightscope Doppler Radar Launch Monitor

- Boditrak Ground Pressure Mapping System

- 4D Motions Sports - 3D Mapping

- Blast Motion Golf - Motion Analyser

Q. “what is the cost?”


1 Hour: $85

4 Hours: $300

6 Hours: $450

10 Hours: $750


1 Hour: $100

4 Hours: $360

6 Hours: $540

10 Hours: $900

Prices do not include HST*