From the Green Committee

Golf Course Update

As we enter the 4th week of an extended heat wave with next to zero rainfall, the golf course is certainly showing signs of stress.  The rough presently is in a semi-dormant state, especially in areas which receive no irrigation.  Our irrigation system, installed in 1987, is certainly showing signs of its weakness.  With the high heat and humidity were dealing with, disease pressure is at the highest its been in many years, and you can see some signs of this on a few greens.  We've implemented a plan to reduce any undue stress primarily to the putting surfaces.  Our greens are healthy, but this does not exclude them from any form of disease.  We have in the past few weeks, and will continue, to keep them as healthy as possible, keeping in mind golfing must go on.


The steps we have taken so far are:


* applied approximately 10% more water
*  Increased fertilizer
* Removed growth regulators
* Continued with our fungicide program
* Skipped mowing once a week
* Raised our mowing height
* Sliced the greens once (a form of venting)
* Eliminated any verticutting


Green speeds will be a bit slower, but having our greens make it through healthy is first and foremost.  Starting Sunday evening and finishing Monday morning, we will do another form of venting, using a 1/4-inch solid mini tine.  Immediately after, the greens will be rolled to smooth out the surface and, in a few days, there will be no signs of this procedure.  The value of getting oxygen down to the roots with this procedure is extremely valuable to the health of the turf moving forward into the remaining portion of the golf season.  If anyone has any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to me at


Lookout Point