2019 Rules of Golf Seminar at Lookout Point Country Club

2019 Rules Seminar

On April 23rd, 2019 at 6:30pm we will be welcoming Anne Edgar Dodds-Hebron from Golf Ontario to conduct a 2019 Rules of Golf Seminar which will focus on the changes to the Rules of Golf that have been introduced in 2019. There is no cost for the seminar, however, we are asking all participants to register by signing up through the Golf Events & Registration section of the Member Portal. If you have any issues registering please contact Dan Roud directly at dan.roud@lopcc.com

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2019 Rules of Golf

In case you missed it we have a great video and overview of the most important changes to the Rules of Golf currently posted on our website. Click below to view:

2019 Rules of Golf

Posting Scores Reminder

A quick reminder to those members who are playing “down south” or in areas with an active handicap season that you are still required to post your scores. In addition to Canadian golfers posting their scores online at www.golfcanada.ca and at member club kiosks, Golf Canada members can also post their scores quickly and conveniently from their mobile devices on the Golf Canada Mobile App which you can download for free from the Apple or Google mobile stores.

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